Unique, Exciting, Balanced

Each of our dice is designed from the ground up to deliver exciting and impactful rolls without compromising fair gameplay. If a die fails to meet expectations, we'll swap it out for free!

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Retropunk MkIII: Single Oversized D20 - Summit Dice
Gothic MkIII: Single D20 - Summit Dice
Recursion MkI: Single D20 - Summit Dice
  • Elegant Designs

    We are constantly expanding our library of designs to encompass new and exciting themes. Have an idea that we're missing? Reach out and we'll see what we can do!

  • Worldwide Shipping

    We love international customers, and are currently trialing a fixed $10 shipping rate for those outside of the US. Within the US, shipping is always free.

  • Playtested & Battleworn

    As avid paper-and-pencil RPG players, we know that dice aren't always treated nicely. Our designs are all playtested before sale to ensure durability and manufacturability.