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  • Gothic MkIII: Single D20 - Summit Dice
  • Gothic MkIII: Single D20 - Summit Dice
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Summit Dice

Gothic MkIII: Single D20

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Inspired Design

Sweeping arches, stained glass windows, and intricate carvings all served as inspiration for this design. Emulating the graceful twines of gothic architecture, this intricately beautiful dice is designed to perfectly compliment campaigns ranging from city jaunts to extended natural excursions. Guaranteed to add an element of majesty and grace on every roll, even on critical failures!

Dice Information

Dice is made out of Bronze, and is designed to match the dimensions of a standard 22mm D20.

WARNING: This dice is a good bit sharper than a typical D20. Please roll on a surface that you are alright damaging, as it will leave pits in wood and leather surfaces. I have had great success with mouse pads, but typically use a cheap leatherette rolling tray that I don't mind damaging.

Engineered to Perfection

At Summit Dice, we strive to provide the peak gaming experience. Nobody likes dice that perform poorly, and we ensure that each design is perfectly balanced before beginning manufacturing. Due to manufacturing variables, each dice can develop slight character differences from what was originally intended, but we've done extensive testing on each design across many dice to ensure that these variations will not impact dragon slaying potential due to extra time in the jail. Change is scary, but we promise that each of our dice is far more random than standard plastic polyhedral sets that are ubiquitous in the RPG scene.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Stunning

If you're looking to add some flash to your dice box, this piece has left me and many of my friends speechless. The craftsmanship, detail and love put into these dice is apparent the moment you open the bag. My favorite D20 to fidget with by far.