Rapture MkIV: Single D20
Rapture MkIV: Single D20
Rapture MkIV: Single D20 - Summit Dice
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Rapture MkIV: Single D20

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Inspired Design

Traversing watery dystopias or steampunky fantasy is hard, so enhance your luck with this single D20. Rest assured, the uniquely round shape does not impact the accuracy of the dice, as small divots on the bands slow the roll and ensure that a face is displayed at the end of each roll. Please roll on a surface that has edges to stop the dice, as it does roll farther than a normal D20.

Dice Information

Dice is made out of bronze or sterling silver, and is designed to match the dimensions of a standard 24mm D20 - replaces the older 22mm variant that shipped previously. Bronze version comes with a patina added to darken and age the die to a thematic coloration. Don't be fooled by the lack of corners - this dice has similar face-to-face measurements as other dice available.

Engineered to Perfection

At Summit Dice, we strive to provide the peak gaming experience. Nobody likes dice that perform poorly, and we ensure that each design is perfectly balanced before beginning manufacturing. Due to manufacturing variables, each dice can develop slight character differences from what was originally intended, but we've done extensive testing on each design across many dice to ensure that these variations will not impact dragon slaying potential due to extra time in the jail. Change is scary, but we promise that each of our dice is far more random than standard plastic polyhedral sets that are ubiquitous in the RPG scene.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Absolutely amazing dice!

This is one of the most incredible d20s I've ever seen anywhere. I love the design, the numbers are easy to read, and the way it rolls is so satisfying, totally unparalleled by any other die out there. It's so close to being spherical that it rolls practically forever, I guarantee it'll put a smile on your face every time you roll it.

As mentioned, the customer service is also fantastic. When I ordered this d20 I also ordered another one and contacted the seller to see if they could put it in one of the nice boxes they put their full sets in so I could have a place to store my loose d20s. I offered to pay a bit extra for the box but Summit included it free of charge. They also write nice little messages on the business card included in the package, and its not just the same little blurb every time its actually quite personalized. Outstanding customer service and the best dice you'll ever find.

Beautiful Die and AMAZING Customer Service!

I purchased a Rapture MkIV D20 as a gift for my husband. Our entire family are gamers and we have no shortage of dice around here, but I wanted this to be something special, and I was not disappointed. The entire family ooh'd and ahh'd over it when it was unwrapped, and my son said he would like one of his own. We are very happy with the die itself, and would love to see it expanded to a full set!

But the best part of our experience was the customer service. The die I ordered was initially lost in the mail. I reached out to Summit asking if there was anything we could do in hopes of getting my husband's gift, and they sent out another die right away that arrived a few days later, just in time for the holidays! Between the beauty of the Rapture MkIV and the fantastic customer service, when the die initially mailed out finally arrived, I was very happy to purchase that one as well to fulfill my son's request for one of his own. Summit Dice will always be the first place I turn when looking for dice.

Rapture MkIV

Great die, great customer service, would love to see a full set of the Rapture

Best D20 I Own

After half a week of having one in hand I feel confident saying that this is, without a doubt, the best die I own.

As mentioned in other reviews it is smaller than expected - the tip to tip diameter seems to be about 19-19.5mm (compared to the 22/24 mm standards on my other d20s). Absolutely don't let the size dissuade you from the purchase though; the profile feels surprisingly appropriate, makes for a great fidget toy and is far too beautiful to judge on that one factor alone. Besides, if you're interested in this die you're not buying it because you want to add another d20 to the dice bag - this die is a functional piece of art that is unlike any other die you'll find on the internet and you know it.

The weight is a comfortable ~7 grams (compared to 5 - 7 g standards on my plastic d20s, or 30 g on my metal d20s) which gives it the perfect "thunk" as it hits the table (sounds the same as my plastic dice).

Although hollow and - as seen in the product image - appears to have a delicate lattice structure held by thin pegs, it is actually a very durable and resilient design. Being made of metal helps, but more importantly the support structure uses thick columns beneath each nodule (primary points of contact) and thinner supports posture the center of every crossbeam at the only other contact points, all of which are firmly attached to a structurally sound inner sphere (this is all plainly visible in the product image).

Also already mentioned is that it rolls for a very long time - this is true. Even the gentlest of throws sends it rolling. This is an easy issue to solve though, whether with a dice tray or by rolling it into a stray pen or book. I'm particularly fond of quirky and exaggerated wobble as it decides which face to land on.

The rolls have proven to be fairly consistent based on my tests, which show no notable preference or bias in either median or mean roll.

Lastly, the design is amazing. The inspiration for the style has been expertly emulated to feel reminiscent but also original. Not much more to say on that as you can clearly see it for yourself.

All in all is hasn't been put away yet - preferring to be hidden in my pocket rather than put in storage. Highly recommended.

Smaller than I anticipated

I’m not sure if it was an oversight on my part, but I expected the D20 to be on a normal scale. But this more of a “mini” D20.

The design and look goes above and beyond. But, in this case for me...size did matter.

Hello Eddie,
We apologize for any surprises concerning the size of the die! At the moment, all of our D20 designs are designed within a 22mm tip-to-tip profile which matches the dimensions of an older plastic set used as a reference when first starting out. It appears that many manufacturers have graduated to a larger 24mm profile for modern plastic sets, and very rounded nature of the Rapture exacerbates the size difference by having a much smaller visual profile than our other dice. Everyone has their own preference for size, so we'll be rolling out the option for folks to purchase the 24mm variety for our individual D20's while retaining the 22mm option. As we always strive to provide the best experience possible, please contact us at admin@summitdice.com or the form linked in the page footer so we can make things right.